Live Background Music

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Live music can really make an event extra special. It adds an element of style and sophistication that just isn’t there with a satellite music system or even a live DJ. What I bring to receptions, dinner parties, and special events is a seamless ambiance that keeps the energy in the room bright. It gives your guests a party atmosphere that is absolutely unique and tailored to your occasion without being intrusively loud or obnoxious. It isn’t a “show” where I expect people to clap after the music stops. It’s background music that nobody pays attention to but they’ll miss it if it’s not there.

I use the highest quality Bose L1 Model 2 professional sound system for the clearest sound possible. It can easily fill a large hall without drowning out conversations next to it. There is no intrusive thumping from inefficient old loudspeakers that can tire your guests and send conversations running for safety to the opposite side of the room. Your guests will be relaxed and enjoy themselves for longer because the sound is pleasant without being overwhelming.

Music selections are based on classical, jazz, folk, and rock songs but are played using various guitars and basses through a Boss RC-50 Loop Station. The sound is unique, colourful, and different from anything else out there. Some music is even improvised right on the spot, taking inspiration directly from your event and your guests!

Samples of my music are available from my album “Strandlines” which is available in CD for from me or on iTunes and

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in booking or have any questions at all.

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